IT and innovation are always coupled, but in our case, it is more than that!

We take the opportunity to create something new as a way to learn and grow. We love experimenting, trying new things, new approaches, testing new technologies, summarizing, the whole innovation process. Of course, when experimenting, some of the experiments go well and others are discarded. This is a great opportunity for us to analyze what went wrong, what we did well and add this experience and knowledge to future developments.

Here you have a list of some of the internal products we have built, and we still maintain and keep developing.


Collect, manage and archive all business-relevant information in your company in ELO ECM Suite and benefit from its intelligent search mechanisms, sophisticated workflow elements and collaboration tools, ensuring your compliance with data protection guidelines such as GPDR.

AVA training

Greatly enhance the training programs for your team by letting them “do” the actual work in a virtual reality space. The virtual trainer will take care of guiding your trainees during the whole process, allowing them to Xperience the job, re-create or replicate difficult and/or risky scenarios to ensure your team will interact appropriately while keeping them safe.