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While having the appropriate IT needs covered is essential in modern times, it is equally important to manage and coordinate these infrastructures once they are deployed. We know this task is very time-consuming and it requires certain knowledge and skills. That is why at edataconsulting we have a specialized and dedicated team which takes care of these tasks for our customers.

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IT Operations Teams services

Application Services

Whether you do not have an in-house IT department or it is already at its maximum capacity, adding a dedicated person or a complete team to manage specific services you offer and who can handle them for you will mark the difference in your IT capabilities.

At edataconsulting, we have managed services for our customers for many years, helping them by taking care of the communication with the different stakeholders to analyze new needs, coordinating the communication and tasks with different providers and teams, and organizing the possibilities to improve their software within their time and budget constraints. We relieve you from these tasks so your focus can be where it should be: on your business!

Help Desk

Your users need a single point of contact to solve their doubts, report problems or simply request new accesses for new users. Our Help Desk agents will receive these requests, analyze and answer them, documenting the process for future reference.

When facing problems, our agents can take care of simple and average-difficulty cases and analyze, define and bring the most complex cases to technical experts.

This service can be optimized for your business to meet your time requirements, from business hours to 24/7.

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