The sky is no longer the limit

Although it may sound that AR and VR are technologies of the future and that their use is not relevant, the reality is that these technologies have been evolving for many years now and are used on a daily basis by us and other innovative companies!

They have a wide variety of uses like model simulation, room space configuration, training, medical uses, remote assistance, virtual events … If you can imagine it, it can surely be done!

We can help you from the conception of the idea, research of its feasibility, consulting, development and testing to its deployment. Our experts have been working in mixed reality for more than 15 years. They will deliver visually-appealing concepts, well thought-out business logics working seamlessly in AR/VR and perform the full execution of the project until you get your deliverable.

Augmented Reality

Improve your world with AR, create an interactive and immersive experience for your users where they can interact with the physical world while receiving extra information placed realistically into the environment. Want to show a user the next steps on how to repair a piece of your ship? Not a problem at all! Or do you wish to let your staff previsualize and plan complete factory halls with machine location in AR before spending a single cent on production? We can do it!

Connect the AR application with your back-office applications and get real data directly on your display. You want to see all the maintenance and repairs performed in the past just by looking at a car’s plate? Why not?! We are specialists in connecting your AR visualization with your running back-end systems.

Try Augmented Reality and you will ask yourself where this tool was your whole life!

Virtual Reality

Sometimes our standard world is not enough, the physical boundaries we have or the locations we are in may limit us. If that is your case, welcome to VR!

If you are working with dangerous or very expensive materials, or in situations you cannot safely reproduce and you need to train people on them, VR is the perfect solution for you! Joining a virtual reality meeting or training session together from all around the globe will make things much easier and faster, saving you time and money to focus on your tasks!

Other scenarios where its usefulness has also been proven are for job positions where you need to manage a lot of data, compare it, draw conclusions from it… You already see yourself with too many screens, sheets of paper … Let us create a new and ad-hoc world and an unlimited 3D space for you, where all those problems disappear.

You have not experienced Virtual Reality yet? Get in touch with us and try it in one of our showrooms!

Platforms we work with

Although we consider technology as a tool and therefore use the most appropriate one for each specific case, here are some of the tools we use most often.

Windows Mixed Reality Logo
Windows Mixed Reality Logo
Unity Logo Technology
Vive logo VR Technology
Manus.VR Technology
ARCore logo from Google Technology
Vuforia logo technology

If you want to know more, join us in Metaverso, our website dedicated exclusively to AR/VR!

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