Turning your ideas into reality

Development has always been one of our main pillars at edataconsulting.

We just love everything related to it: programming languages, continuous delivery, automatic testing, agile development, pair-programming, and the list goes on. But without doubt what we love most about it, is knowing that we deliver a high-quality product that makes both us and our customers happy.

Our clients range from huge multinational companies in aviation or automotive industries, creating big and complex software, to startups in their seed stage from fintech or rail industries, helping them not only develop but also shape their products.

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Cloud Development

Unleash the power of the cloud and develop your project taking advantage of everything it offers.

Get your project to your users fast thanks to the functionality already provided by the cloud providers and edataconsulting’s experience with them, like AWS or Azure. You will notice how development times decrease since we don’t have to re-invent the wheel. This lets us focus directly on your business logic instead of time-consuming configurations, connectors or glue code.

Besides that, you will gain the ability to scale your platform as much as needed and when needed, paying just for what you use and using that saving to further develop your software. Multi-region applications and availability are ensured with almost no effort.

Still not sure if cloud development is the right choice for you? Get in touch with us and we will analyze your project and recommend the best option.

Web and Mobile Development

If you still think the cloud is not for you because you want to have your web application in-house or you want to create a mobile app, that is not a problem at all.

Let us know about your idea and we will recommend the best way to accomplish your goals. It might be a native mobile application due to specific functionalities or we could make it a bit more generic by making it hybrid. Maybe the best option for you is to create a progressive web application and that can save you from maintaining native mobile apps. You might need a single web application or a full microservices architecture. You bring the idea, we shape it!

We apply the same tools and quality processes we apply to any other of our application developments. Our experience in both web and mobile app development guarantees that the result will be a complete success.


Although we consider technology a tool and therefore, we use the appropriate one depending on the use case, here are some of the tools we most commonly use.

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We developers know that we are a special kind of people. We love being surrounded by other developers, we constantly need to be challenged, we like being able to move between projects from time to time…

These are some of the reasons why having and retaining an in-house development team is complex and costly for many companies. Why go through all this work when you can outsource the team and still have the same flexibility and reporting lines you would have in-house?

Developers and Designers
IT Consultants
System Engineers

Let’s talk about your development needs!

We will configure a team specially for you with all the capabilities required for your project. Do not waste your time hiring, training and motivating, spend it developing with us.

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