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No wonder data analytics has been one of the trending topics in our industry during the last few years. Companies have been generating data for many years in their databases or even on paper and now we have the opportunity to take advantage of that huge knowledge base to improve our workflows, to take better decisions, to detect patterns, to predict maintenance needs, etc.

You probably have the data and a lot of answers to the questions you are currently facing. Start taking advantage of it! Check how edataconsulting can help you achieve it.

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Machine Learning

Let’s face it, we humans are really good at coming up with new ideas, new approaches for a certain problem or improvising. Computers on the other hand, given the appropriate learning data and the correct machine learning model, are by far faster than humans can ever be, for instance, in classifying data, finding the route cause of events or performing predictions.

Every time you see a forecast of any of your departments you wonder what kind of magic is behind them and which data backs them up? That is another typical case for machine learning. Let the machine learning model learn from all your past and future data and start creating predictions based on them. You will answer those “what if we do X” questions by relying on this cutting-edge technology.

Big Data

One of the challenges when starting with data analytics is that your data is usually quite fragmented. Some data is created by one application, other data is manually created in Excel files, other data is stored in a database… Some data is even duplicated and the numbers don’t add up!

But do not despair. That is exactly why we are here. Let us analyze your data sources, define your single source of truth and transform the data for easier analysis. Once we have the data organized, we will start analyzing the data and find correlations, trends, predictions that would be impossible to find without the specific techniques of big data. This will be the information you were hoping to find all this time and you did not realize you already had it.

Data Visualization

Now that you have your data centralized and classified, it is time to make access and analysis easier for your own personnel.

Each department will have its own point of view regarding all the data of your company and the same analysis will not work for all of them. That is why data visualization tools like Tableau, QlikView or PowerBI are important. After configuring the dashboards you will need, your colleagues will be able to aggregate, compare and analyze both old and real-time data and take decisions based on it.


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