Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

We are a team of IT professionals with proven experience in the creation of first-class software solutions.


Have your systems been compromised?

Cybersecurity: Incident Response

We bring your ideas to life

We bring your ideas to life

Boosting your company with intuitive, secure and scalable IT applications.

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Your full IT solutions in good hands

Because your business deserves IT

Having a successful business for our customers means not only creating a software or having some cloud or on-premise infrastructure. There are so many things to consider that we, as an IT company, have decided to allocate real experts in-house to cover them.

Shape your IT strategy with us and make it reality! Take advantage of all the different perspectives our team can deliver thanks to their different specialties and don’t leave any possibility out.

edataconsulting is the ONE provider you need!

Continuous communication

Especially when talking about IT, your needs change continuously, which calls for someone who knows how you are evolving and who can adapt to it instead of making you adapt to the technology.


Communication is the key!

Long-lasting relationships

When your customers come to you with their new ideas and want to share them with you because they know you will be both pragmatic and honest to make it work if it’s possible… That’s when you know you’ve nailed it.


Good thing we are already there!

Training programs

There is only one way to keep being innovative and to offer possibilities that will differentiate your customers from the others, learning!

Every week, our team sharpens their skills and gets new knowledge to put it at good use with you.

New technologies are our passion!

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Sharing is caring

We have learned a lot from the community and we believe it is our responsibility to also give back in return.

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