Who we are

edataconsulting is an IT company with offices in Heidelberg (Germany) and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain). It is formed by more than 60 professionals, and we also have colleagues in other cities of Germany and Spain.

We are a multidisciplinary and diverse team in two senses. On one hand, we are specialists from various fields of expertise: consultancy, development, cybersecurity, design, big data, … And on the other hand, we come from different sectors too: aviation, automotive, insurance, retail and communication among others.

Our aim is to accompany our clients during their entire digitalization process, from suggesting improvement options right through to putting them into effect. However, our commitment to our customers goes far beyond the delivery of a project. We remain at our clients’ disposal to boost their business; with our knowledge and experience we help them adapt to the present and prepare for the future; and from there we build stable and long-lasting relationships. This is our greatest achievement.

Our origins

We have been solving problems for our customers since 2003 as part of edataunited GmbH group. With over 400 employees within the edata group and numerous cooperation partners, we are offering our support throughout Europe. This way, you will benefit from future-oriented products, developments and services, that will give you a long-lasting security.

We are a multidisciplinary and diverse team in two ways

On the one hand...

we have people with different knowledge



Cyber Security


Big data


On the other hand...

we have worked for different sectors






Our mission

We know that technology can be daunting.

That’s why we are a group of experts in different areas inside IT, simply because it is what we need to guarantee success by dotting all the I’s and crossing all the T’s technologically speaking. In a nutshell, what we want you to know is that we will safely digitalize your business.

Our values

We base and live our company culture over the following five values.

Although we don’t choose an order to these values, one thing is clear, teamwork is above everything else, both inside the company and with our customers. We wouldn’t be who we are without the amazing team who compose edataconsulting. Our sense of community, always trying to help each other, enriching each other with the diversity in our opinions and the respect we have for all of them. Our teamwork is undoubtedly what makes us so good!






photo of people touching each others hands

Being honest and transparent both with ourselves and our customers is a constant for us.

There is no other way to build long-lasting relationships, as we have done, without being able to openly talk to each other knowing that our trustworthiness ensures that nobody is trying to take advantage of the other party.

Quality… undeniably.

Not only do we want our customers to feel that the results they received are exactly what they wanted (obviously, we do!) but our passion for our work makes us also strive for excellence. Therefore, we also need to feel happy knowing that the results we delivered were the best. For this reason, we continuously train ourselves to improve and become an even more reliable team.

Work with us

Do you share our mission and values and you want to be part of our team? Let us hear from you!

We continuously train ourselves to improve and become an even more reliable team.

The world is constantly changing around us;

therefore we also need to be flexible and open to new ideas. We have the ambition and curiosity to embrace innovation and the adaptability and creativity to know when to apply what. Your world changes and you need to adapt to it, don’t worry, we will be there for you to help you do so.

Last but not least, our responsibility as IT professionals.

Delivering everything we have stated before, making the best of the resources our customers entrust us with, being a productive team without sacrificing functionality and quality needs, and an efficient team who takes care of the job: that’s something we are sure we are!

Isn’t all this everything that you are looking for when working with another company?

Then get in touch with us and let us know your ideas!