Email Helpdesk für JIRA

Email Helpdesk

Email Helpdesk for JIRA:

Email Helpdesk Configure a multi-level support service for each of your products in a few steps and you will start receiving new issues (tickets) as emails are received from customers. Move tickets between support levels with two clicks and communicate with customers through issue comments.

These are the Email Helpdesk main features:

  • Allow all your customers to interact with JIRA, even if they don’t have a JIRA account.
  • Automatically notify customers when issue is resolved, created or commented.
  • Provide easy communication between help desk and customers through issue comments.
  • Fast escalate or de-escalate issues between support levels.
  • Maintain a ticket numbering independent from issues numbering.
  • Filter received emails to ignore those not coming from your customers.
  • Customize email notifications.
  • Easily configure a multi-level support service for each of your products. Up to 3 levels can be enabled.

Integrated ticket system

Tickets will be automatically created from incoming emails and associated to the first support level. If you have more levels you’ll be able to fast escalate tickets with the provided links.

Email notifications to non-JIRA users

Email notifications are sent automatically, so customers will get updated information about ticket status and you will be able to easily communicate with them by marking an issue comment as public.

Your own support services

Easily configure your own support service structure. Create a support service for each of your products and associate each level to one or multiple JIRA projects.