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Business Intelligence (BI) includes the collection, analysis and presentation of financial results. We have the know-how to realize trends, patterns and outliers in the business figures and interpret them correctly. We take care of the extraction and processing of your data from various source systems and transform them into a Data Warehouse (DWH).

In close cooperation with our customers we develope solutions tailored to meet their individual requirements. These range from static or Dynamic Reports (PDF, Excel) via interactive, individually tailored Dashboards to Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) views. This allows our clients to analyse their business numbers independently. We help you to identify and minimize risks. Exploit the potential of your data.

Big_DataBig Data

With Big Data, you are well prepared to handle extremely large amounts of data. The challenge here is storing the large number of data efficiently and evaluate it with the right technology. Are your database systems and analytical tools already reaching their limit? We help you to migrate your data to modern systems which can handle your tera-, peta- or exabytes! Here we focus on the use of highly efficient and cost-effective technologies that run on standard servers and scale horizontally.


Dashboards provide business users a quick overview of the most important figures and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). We create dynamic, visually appealing dashboards that are easily to understand. In addition to that their content is highly informative. We use state of the art technologies to optimize the dashboards for different devices. Whether you are using PC, Mac, iPad or smart phone - our dashboards emphasize your arguments with appealing charts in each presentation.

DataintegrationData Integration

In business data is usually processed and persisted through many different systems. To be able to include all available data in the BI process, it is necessary to integrate and bring them into a unified and interpretable format. For this purpose, data is transferred from different production systems in a data warehouse. The DWH is optimized for analysis and it protects the production system from overloading by complex analysis queries.

For data integration we use standardized ETL tools - such as Talend - to implement efficient and lightweight processes that do not charge your production system. During data integration an analysis of data quality also is performed. That means that possible problems can be identified and addressed at the beginning of the BI process. How differently systems may be - we will find a solution to merge your data and to process them in a appropriate way.

Data_miningData Mining

Data Mining makes it possible to analyse a large amounts of data automatically regarding to patterns, relations or dependencies. Furthermore it helps you to classify or identify outliers. Data mining is, inter alia, used for:

  • automatic verification of invoices, receipts, or reports
  • market segmentation
  • analysis of the business figures
  • text mining: Interpretation of body text for subsequent classification or valuation

Data mining requires scientific know-how in the selection and use of complex algorithms. We help you to extract the maximum output of your data.

Data_WarehouseData Warehouse

Data Warehouse (DWH) is the basis to carry out informative value and performance analysis. Based on our broad expertise, we create the appropriate database schemas and take care of the transfer of your live data into a DWH. Regarding the underlying database technology, we follow your instructions. Whether you want to use an open source or enterprise database for your DWH, we extract the best for you!


Reporting is the most popular form of treatment of business figures for executive positions. On the basis of reports innovative decisions are made. The fact that these data are accurate and made ​​understandable is all the more important. Reports can be generated automatically and delivered by e-mail to any recipient. Furthermore they can be generated on the fly for certain key figures or time periods. The file format, layout or content of the report is flexible and free to arrange.


Online Analytical Processing helps you to recognize the causes of outliers and trends in your business statistics! We provide the required technology, take care of the data base and show you how you can use OLAP to analyse your data independently. Navigate through your data without complicated queries and gain profitable insights.

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